Lincolnton Fire Department


About Lincolnton Fire Department

The Lincolnton Fire Department currently has 40 full-time personnel and has 21 part-time personnel who provide fire suppression, medical first responder, rescue, extrication and many other services inside the city limits. Lincolnton Fire Department also provides automatic aid to several of the surrounding departments that are located in the county.

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News and Events

Latest News

   On October 19th, Duke Energy's line technicians came by Lincolnton's Station 2 to demonstrate common causes of power outages, and safety around down power lines and the danger they can have when energized. 


Remember to always assume down power lines are live and to never touch or go near them. Call 911 and stay away from the hazard.

Other News

  During the week of Oct. 10th - 14th.
2 of our members, Engineer Hickman and Firefighter Burch, attended the North Carolina Breathing Equipment School.
In this class Firefighters learn self saving techniques as well as the skills to save a down firefighter, all while being placed in a high heat and high stress, and physically demanding situation. 


   Firefighters across the State and Country come to Gaston College to take this valuable class, to become better firefighters, and to take those skills back to their home department to better serve their community.