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Snapshot of cases reported in Lincoln County as of 7/23/20

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LINK - Click for the current News Flash COVID-19 UPDATE for Lincoln County from Lincoln County Health Department  

All news releases, updates and advisories since the 3/6/2020 pandemic start are posted below.

If you are sick, STAY HOME and call your doctor or healthcare provider for directions on medical care.

For specific concerns regarding Lincoln County please call the Lincoln County Health Department triage line at 704-736-8510.

For general questions regarding COVID-19 please call the Coronavirus Helpline at 1-866-462-3821


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Protect Yourself and Your Family

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City of Lincolnton Community News Updates (most recent first)

To see all Lincolnton County COVID-19 releases since 3/6/2020, CLICK HERE.

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NCDHHS curve 6.26

Lincolnton Parks & Trails are open, with limited bathroom acess. Outdoor basketball and pickleball courts are open. Playgrounds & Splashpad are closed. Follow guidelines to maintain social distancing! Stay safe & protect our community.

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CDC & NC DHHS COVID-19 Live Updates

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