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City of Lincolnton
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Permit Application

  1. Have plans been submitted to the Fire Official:
  2. All permits issued under this code shall require that the applicant, his agents and employees carry out the proposed activity in compliance with all the requirements of this code and any other laws or regulations applicable thereto, whether specified in the permit or not in complete accordance with the approved plan and application.
  3. Attach any plans for approval.
  4. This permit will be revoked if:
    • The permit is used for a location or establishment other than for which was issued.
    • Conditions and limitations set forth in the permit have been violated.
    • There has been any false statements or misrepresentations as to a material fact in the application for permit or plans submitted or a condition of the permit.
    • The permit is used by a different person or firm other than the name for which it was issued.
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