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Available Properties Form

  1. (If Applicable)
  2. (If Applicable)
  3. Include parking, restrooms, divided into offices, etc.
  4. Link to website where property is listed.
  5. Current conditions (Fixer-upper, move in- ready) etc.
  6. Please upload Front Picture only.
    Only one Picture will be included in listing. Needs to be .jpg format (at least 300 x 300 pixels).
  7. Only .jpg format will be accepted.
  8. Missing Front Picture?
    If no image is provided will use generic google map image of property. If no website link is provided will use link of Google Maps to listed property.
  9. By submission of this form you hereby declare all knowledge of the property to be correct and the City of Lincolnton is in no way liable for incorrect information. Please allow up to 7 business days for verification and processing for listing to appear on website. If incorrect information is present currently please contact City of Lincolnton Planning & Zoning Department. (704) 736-8930 or email
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