Crime Prevention Programs


Law Enforcement Action Development

Lincolnton police officers and youth at the Lincolnton Police Department LEAD camp in June, 2018.

This program calls and checks on elderly individuals or seniors that live alone and wish to be contacted by the police department on a regular weekday basis.
Merchants Alert

 This program allows police to notify a list of merchants as to current criminal activity they should be alert for and what to do if the people committing the crime are in their business.
This program partners a law enforcement officer with a 3rd grade school classroom for the school year. An annual spring picnic brings together all of the adopted classes for 1 party.
Hospital Watch
This program is designed for employees and personnel of hospitals to inform them of safety and crime prevention steps available to them in a hospital setting.
Community Watch
This is one of the oldest types of programs and concepts in preventing crime in a specific neighborhood. The program’s success is based on the citizens’ involvement.
National Night Out
Annual event hosted by “block captains” in a specific neighborhood on a specific night set by the National Crime Prevention Council to lawfully protest crime.
Operation Alert
Businesses fill out a contact sheet of information about whom the police should call in the event something is wrong at the business after hours. A corresponding sticker and number are placed on the business property that can be viewed by the officer.
Fleet Watch
Public and private fleet based company drivers are taught what is “suspicious” and probably should be reported to police. The drivers become extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.
North Carolina Church Watch
Church staff is instructed in crime prevention strategies and security for places of worship.
Operation Identification
An engraver is used to mark personal property with a social security number. In the event of theft from 1 jurisdiction and a recovery in another, the social security number not only serves as a way to identify the property, but also allows a trace back to the owner.