State Historical Markers

Lincoln County has 24 historical roadside markers.

Battle of Ramsour’s Mill

Whig Victory over Tories, June 20, 1780. Scene 400 yards west
US 321 Business (North Aspen Street in Lincolnton)

Confederate Laboratory
Under Dr. A.S. Piggott, manufactured medicine for confederacy,
1863-65. Remains are 2mi. S. US 321 Business (South Aspen Street) at SR 1252 (Laboratory Road) in Lincolnton

Schenck-Warlick Mill

First Cotton Mill in NC Built prior to 1816 by Michael Schenck and Absalom Warlick. Mill Stood one-half mile N. (NC27/150 East at Boger City)

UDC Memorial Hall
Building housed first the Pleasant Retreat Academy, Chartered 1813. Later public library, museum. 1 block east. US 321 Business (North Aspen Street) at Pine Street in Lincolnton

Stephen D. Ramseur
Confederate Major General at age of twenty-seven. Mortally wounded at Cedar Creek, Virginia, Oct. 19, 1864. Grave 2 blocks north. NC 27 (East Main Street) at Cedar Street in Lincolnton

Stonewall Jackson
Thomas Johnathan Jackson, later confederate general, on July 16, 1857, married Anna Morrison in her home which stood 200 yards east
SR 1511 (Old Plank Road) at SR 1400 (Morrsion Road) east of Lincolnton>

Iron Works
Many iron mines and forges were operated within a radius of ten miles of this point between 1790 and 1880. (NC 27 at Iron Station)

J.G. Arends
Native German, pioneer teacher and minister, ordained 1775, first president of the NC Lutheran Synod, 1803. Grave a few yards. East
US 321 Business (South Aspen Street) in Lincolnton

Hiram R. Revels
First Black to serve in Congress. Native of NC. Mississippi senator, 1870-1871. Operated own barbershop here, 1840s. NC 27 (West Main Street) in Lincolnton

Catawba Springs
Fashionable “watering place” a recreational and social center prior to 1861. The hotel stood five miles northeast. NC 73 at SR 1360 (Beth Haven Church Road) east of Lincolnton.

Home built about 1817 by Daniel M. Forney, major in war 1812, congressman, 1815-1818, legislator, and planter. NC 73 east of Iron Station

Machpelah Cemetery

Presbyterian, 1801. Graves include those of Alexander Brevard, Joseph & James Graham and Robert Hall & Joseph Graham Morrison.
SR 1511 (Old Plank Road) at SR 1360 (Brevard Place Road) east of Lincolnton

Robert F. Hoke 1837-1912
Major General, CSA Promoted after victory at Battle of Plymouth. Led troops in VA & NC Home stands 50 yards E. US 321.(North Aspen Street) at Chestnut Street in Lincolnton

Andrew Loretz
Minister, 1786-1812 of German Reformed Church in the Carolinas. Home built in 1793. Located one-half mile south. SR1113 (Reepsville Road) northwest of Lincolnton

William A. Graham
Governor, 1845-1849; Secretary of the Navy; United States Senator; Whig nominee for Vice-President in 1852 His birthplace is 3 mi. E.
SR 1511 (Old NC 273) at Amity Church Road east of Lincolnton

Peter Forney 1756-1834
Pioneer manufacturer of iron; Revolutionary War officer; Congressman, 1813-1815 Mt. Welcome, his home, was ¾ mi. S. SR1511 (Old Plank Road) at SR 1412 (Mariposa Road) west of Lowesville

Hutchins G. Burton

Governor, 1824-1827; Attorney General of NC; Congressman. Grave is ½ mi. E. NC 16 and SR 1439 (Unity Church Road) at Triangle.

William A. Hoke 1851-1925
Chief justice 1 year & assoc. justice 20yrs., NC Supreme Court. Superior court judge 13 yrs. Birthplace stood here. NC 27 (East Main Street) at South Cedar Street in Lincolnton

Andre’ Michaux

French Botanist, pioneer in studying flora of western North Carolina, passed through Lincolnton, July 24, Sept 11, 1794 and April 29, 1795.
NC 27 (West Main Street) in Lincolnton

Daniels Church

Evangelical Lutheran. Organized in 1774. JG Arndt was first regular minister; Philip Henkel assistant. This building, 1888, is third on site.
SR 1113 (Reepsville Road) northwest of Lincolnton

James Pinckney Henderson 1809-1853
First Governor of Texas, 1846-47; US Senator; officer, Mexican War. His birthplace is here. NC 182 west of Lincolnton

Connie M. Guion
Pioneer female physician. Gained national reputation from work at Cornell medical clinic, 1922-1970 Born 2/10, mile N. NC 27 at SR1227 (Spake Road) in Lincolnton